And In Time

by aReJay Ella



released December 21, 2007



all rights reserved


aReJay Ella Bergenfield, New Jersey

A singer songwriter residing in Bergenfield NJ. Though mainly revolving around the acoustic, folk & the alternative side of music, he still has an open ear to all genres. aReJay looks up to many artists, such as John Mayer, City & Colour & Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. Either coming from himself or another, his music is inspired by love, past experiences & or any simple thought. ... more

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Track Name: Just Another Shakespeare Story
Just another Shakespeare Story
By aReJay Ella
And In Time
Copyright ©

Welcome to a presentation of my life
Now I’m here to warn you what I am about to say is like a little story made up just to entertain
I can assure you what I say is true, just think of this as a real life Shakespeare story.

Verse 1:
Once upon a time in a not so little town, not so far away from home
Just about 13 minutes if you were on the go
Lived a girl with the most right gorgeous eyes, with one look you are suddenly lost and immediately hypnotized
Every night I swore that I would stand outside of her window looking up at such a pretty face
You can say that she is my Juliet and you can also say that I am her Romeo

Pre Chorus/Chorus:
But just like Shakespeare’s stories, there was always something there to try and separate the two.
But as for us, not a thing could do the same, Cause our loves just too strong for the world to even break us apart tonight

Verse 2:
Let’s turn to chapter 5, no 12, 21, wait page 6; such numbers remain in my head and deep with in my soul
Such a night like that could never ever be replaced, every moment spent with you will never fade away
If there ever comes a time when we are ever brought apart, know that where ever we may be, we will always have special place in each other’s hearts.
Through the thick and thin we will both survive, and one day we will be running free, free for our lives

Welcome to a presentation of my life
Such words that were just said were not words just to entertain
For the first time in your lives, you may here a song with no end
I can you assure this is not a goodbye but only a pause and not for long
For our story for us has just begun…
Track Name: My Beautiful Distraction
My Beautiful Distraction
By aReJay Ella
And In Time
Copyright ©

Verse 1:
I feel like I’ve lost you
Along with all my happiness
I feel like your slowly drifting away
To a world without me
Why must I think this way?
When I know you are here with me
Will you promise me that you’ll never leave?

Here I am there you stand
With your charming eyes and your tenderness of grace
And if you fall just take my hand
I will always be there and
You will always be My Beautiful Distraction

Verse 2:
Taking a walk through
Through all the times we’ve had
I remember the first time that we held hands
It gave me a feeling deep inside that I still can’t explain
Eyes filled a many of wonders, watch me drown as I slowly fall under
Slowly falling slowly falling in love with you
And I feel as if, the more think the less I see
Please promise me you will always be mine

And if you were taken away
I promise to wager my life over you
Tell me how you would feel if I told that I love you
Would tell me the same or would you look away
And if the almighty skies drop weight on your shoulders
I promise to always be there to help you stand